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2024 Leadership & Awards

Congratulations to all of the people and businesses that will be honored at this year's Leadership & Awards Celebration on February 27, 2024!
Learn more about the honorees below.

The commercial management and leasing company invested in a solar panel project last year that will generate 30 percent of the energy needed to power the four-story Cambridge Center on the corner of Six Mile and Quakertown.

The environmental focus is a long-term attraction for future tenants, particularly larger companies, said Brady Blain, the vice president for The Blain Group.

“We had a large part of a parking lot that went unused for years so this gave us a chance to redevelop this space,” said Blain, who added that federal solar tax incentives also made the investment worthwhile.

The five rows of double-sided solar panels, which are expected to last about 30 years, are expected to save the company about $20,000 a year in energy costs to support the 125,000-square-foot building.

The Blain Group was established by Brady Blain’s father, James, in the early-1980s when he purchased land, designed, and constructed three office buildings along Six Mile east of Haggerty which includes Cambridge Center, one-story AmeriCenter of Livonia, and two-story Cambridge West. The three buildings are home to 100 full-time and 130 virtual tenants.

These three buildings are part of the company’s 10-property portfolio in Michigan and elsewhere.

This award is presented annually by the Livonia Greenleaf Commission on Sustainability.

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